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Exams & Hygiene

Detailed Dental Exams & Oral Hygiene Care

Preventive dental care includes regular dental exams and ongoing oral hygiene to ensure that your mouth is healthy. Preventive care at One Big Smile of Jonesborough helps you keep your mouth in great shape. We offer exams, disease prevention, fillings, and mouth guards to help ensure that your mouth is healthy and your bite is comfortable. Diagnostic X-rays and imaging are also available.

Be Proud to Share Your Smile

Here, we strive to ensure that we prevent our patients' problems and avoid costly treatment in the future. Ideally, we can keep patients at the "checkup" level instead of waiting for dental emergencies. So far, 65% of our work is preventative or diagnostic in nature, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, natural smile.

Our dentists pay attention to every detail, and take their jobs seriously. This helps to ensure that all your health needs are met, and keeps you from having to undergo invasive, sometimes painful therapies more than absolutely necessary. Join us today and learn the One Big Smile Difference.

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